Streamline solutions to foster independence.

Every time we interview someone with a disability, we ask where they find resources or products that help them navigate their environment. Too often the response we hear is "I don't know." Most people we meet with spend hours searching the internet for solutions that address various aspects of living with a disability. While this is so obviously frustrating and slow to resolve, we also see some clever hacks that result from this extreme lack of option. 

At Adapt, we decided to create a resource page dedicated to sharing these clever DIY solutions, but also to help people find existing products and services already available on the market. The database of resources will continue to grow rapidly as we come across new people, and companies working to improve independence for those with disabilities.

Amanda Jurysta shows our designer the different products she has used in attempt to make her wheelchair more efficient. 

As we began collecting information on new products and services, we also came across movements of people working on social justice issues relating to rights of the disabled. After discovering these groups the Adapt team decided to include a "Movements" section that will feature groups of people working on advocacy and awareness for disability. 

We ask that you reach out to us if you have a hack, service, movement, or product that you think is worth sharing. Together, we can streamline new solutions to those who need them allowing us to save time, foster innovation, and support small businesses. 

 - Sidney, Designer