The people behind the products.

Every product we work on is rooted in people who have come to us with their own stories and challenges. Many of the problems that come up in conversation are the result of faulty medical equipment or built environments, and more often than not, we hear similar stories from multiple people. It is vital to work with these individuals closely to ensure we come up with the most viable solutions, together. 


AManda and our designer often meet for fittings at her home in michigan. 

Amanda Jurysta

Amanda is a student at Wayne State University. She worked with our designer, Sidney, over the last few months to develop winter gloves for people who use wheelchairs. Amanda loves to be active, and especially loves going to concerts. However, in the winter months the terrain and build environment can make it incredibly difficult for her to maintain her active lifestyle.

Currently, the Adapt team in the process of seeking the best manufacturing company for our glove prototype design. We aim to complete our last round of user-testing in November of 2016.

Mike at the mpva head office, we often meet with him at this location.

Mike Harris

Mike is the Government Relations Director of the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America. He has been working closely with us both in the development of a variety of attachments to hold personal belongings, but also was an invaluable resource and active participant in a design workshop hosted by our CEO Laura this year.

This collection of attachments are still in development, but we are always seeking people to work with us on user-testing. Feel free to email us if you are interested in getting involved.

Wanda demonstrates places on her wheelchair where she can access belongings. 

Wanda Markowski

Wanda and her daughter Mary are local residents of Brighton Michigan. Wanda is working with us to develop soft compartments for holding personal belongings. Wanda is an independent 99 year old woman, who is tired of getting out of her chair when she drops her belongings on the floor. Her and her daughter are both concerned that this challenge could lead to injury. 

Right now the Adapt team is in the process of developing prototypes for large-scale user testing and hope to have these products available by November 2016.