Adaptive Design Association

Adaptive Design Association is an organization in New York City that creates custom solutions for people with disabilities. Using low-fidelity materials like cardboard, they not only create life-changing adaptive designs, but they also engage a diverse set of volunteers throughout all steps in the process. They focus on Making, Teaching, and Sharing Responsibility.



Creating user-specific adaptations benefits everyone: those inspiring and receiving adaptations (the “users”), those who imagine and request adaptations (the “dreamers”), and those who design and build adaptations (the “makers”).


To promote adaptive design communities we offer intensive courses, presentations, field-trips and internship opportunities. We encourage organizations and schools to send highly motivated staff to NYC for intensive study.


As thousands of visitors can attest, we encourage everyone to design and build user-specific adaptations, and to become part of an “association” of adaptive design projects across the globe."

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