#MY BODY IS REAL - Fashion Advocacy Campaign

Michele Simões is a Brazilian fashion designer, and wheelchair user, who developed the #MYBODYISREAL campaign to bring attention to the lack of diversity in fashion. Simões uses a conceptual approach to break stereotypes of disability. A whimsical setting was the backdrop for an editorial in which the models were dressed as dolls, proposing a renewed reflection on the concept of real bodies.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0yA6yoNBzo http://www.meucorpoereal.com/fashion-day-inclusivo

The Girl With The Purple Cane - Advocacy

"It’s been said “if you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it”. I advocate for a concept I am developing called ‘Inclusive Retail’. After my diagnosis, I began to wonder why her eyeglasses were fashionable when my cane and all other assistive products were stigmatizing. Inclusive Retail aims to inspire designers and retailers to make and market products for all needs. I believe thoughtful design can improve and save millions of lives while fueling an emerging market the size of China. I believe if retailers can see people with disabilities as consumers, they will also be able to see people with disabilities as hirable: Inclusive Retail is equality through the marketplace. What’s your stigma? What’s your passion?"

GO Wheelchair - Layer Design Agency

"We’re really excited to be working with Layer and Benjamin Hubert to bring the GO wheelchair to life. It’s an excellent example of the use of 3D printing to offer mass customisation and personalisation of products. An integral part of the Materialise ethos is to develop meaningful applications of 3D printing that have a positive impact on individuals’ lives, and the GO wheelchair is one of those projects with great potential.”  - Philip Hudson, managing director, Materialise